Organisational Management and Election-Induced Violence in Nigeria

Research areas: Year: 2015
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Inept Management, Election-Induced Violence, Electoral Campaign
  • Odiji Okpanachi, Dunmade Emmanuel Olaniyi &
  • Okorie, Nwoke
Journal: Journal of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Volume: 5
Number: 2 Pages: 17-23
Month: December
While reasons such as monetization of politics, unemployment and ethnicism have variously been identified as the cause of electoral violence in Nigeria, no efforts seems to have been made to assess the nexus between managerial competencies and the electoral atmosphere the system is bequeathed with. This paper therefore invokes Fayolism which highlights the principles and expected functions of management to establish that inefficient management of electoral matters by institutions such as Independent National Electoral Commission, the Police and Political parties is first and foremost the cause of violence being witnessed in the polity. Inferences for this analysis were drawn from experiences of the 2015 general elections and its forerunning campaigns. Recommendations such as the need for appointment of competent hands to man electoral, political and security institutions as well as getting these institutions adequately prepared for upcoming tasks were made to nib-in-bud the problem of electoral violence in any polity.