Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Tuberculosis in Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi-Nigeria

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Bauchi-Metropolis, Distribution of, Spatio-Temporal, Tuberculosis
  • Adamu, Ibrahim S.J
Journal: Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences Volume: 4
Number: 2 Pages: 27-49
Month: December
A study on the Spatio-Temporal distribution of Tuberculosis was conducted around Bauchi metropolis, a well-structured questionnaire were administered randomly in three selected areas: low income earners; middle income earners; and high income earners areas respectively, and from the findings of these research it was revealed that low income earner areas are more vulnerable to the tuberculosis infection because of their low standard of living, and middle income earners area also recorded cases of the infection, but the high income earner area recorded only few cases of Tuberculosis infection. The distribution of Tuberculosis is mostly common in harmattan season than hot season of the year, aged and children are more vulnerable to the infection because of their weak immune system. The research recommend that agency for the control of Tuberculosis should constitute committees that would be engaging members of the public for environmental health education on a regular basis. The research further recommend the adherence to the rule of occupancy ratio (which says the number of person per habitable room should not be more than two persons) to avoid overcrowding in an effort to reduce the spread of air-borne diseases like tuberculosis.