The Challenges Facing Science Education in Developing Countries and the Way Forward

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Science Education, Science, Education, Developing Countries, Challenges, Qualified Teachers
  • Hamidu Musa Yoldere, Mohammed Adamu and Ibrahim Inuwa
Journal: Journal of Education and Human Development Volume: 4
Number: 2 Pages: 35 - 55
Month: December
The differences in the scientific and technological infrastructure and in the popularization of science education in the developed and developing countries are the most important causes of differential social and economical levels in the two groups. The paper looked at the challenges facing science education in the developing countries and the way forward. It examined the development of science education in developing countries and contribution of science education to development. It also highlighted the challenges of science education in developing countries. The paper outlined some of the ways of addressing the challenges which include among others; the need to regularly renew and design the science curriculum to make it more practical and market oriented to produce skilled and highly educated graduates for the private sector both at home and abroad instead of traditional civil services. The paper concluded that the social and economic growth of developed countries is dependent on an essential emphasis on education, science and technology visa- vee the basic problems of developing countries which include weak educational and scientific infrastructure, and lack of appreciation of the importance of science as an essential ingredient of economical and social development.