Reduction in Power Consumption from Modification in Cooling Water Circuits of the Direct Reduction Plant at Delta Steel Company

Research areas: Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Cooling Tower, Water, Direct Reduction Process, Midrex Plant
  • Olayebi, Oluwafemi O
Journal: Journal of Engineering and Energy Research Volume: 4
Number: 2 Pages: 1 - 32
Month: December
Idling conditions due to planned or forced shut downs require that the cooling towers are kept moist and wetted to forestall deterioration of the wooden structure and avoid premature failure that may result from temperature gradients. This would guarantee prolonged service of the towers. The hot water recirculation pump with a rating of 132Kw is kept in operation to ensure this. A re-modification was carried out to eliminate the recirculation pump and an alternative water circuit constructed to achieve the same goal with a daily cost saving of about $250 in terms of energy conservation while still keeping the 2-cell and 4- cell cooling towers in optimum operating conditions.